Zombies, White Elephants, and Rocks

I don’t like Christmas. I don’t even like trees. Usually I only put out my nativity and call it a holiday. I love family time. I love buying and making gifts. I love midnight mass. I don’t like all the other hub-bub that happens. I rather enjoy Easter because it seems that the holiday hasn’t been taken over by the $$ hungry world. ANYWAY…where I was going with this is that I made my version of a Christmas Tree today:

My tree...

My tree…

Last night I went with FRIEND-M to a white elephant gift swap. He brought an old Browns helmet lamp and I brought a book and train whistle I found in his attic. Irony truly hit when we thought the worst gifts we could bring were actually a crowd favorite. FRIEND-M’s friends were very entertaining as we played Scattagories. One of FRIEND-M’s friends–B accidentally played the game with the wrong letter. He was pretty salty about it. The letter that was rolled was H and the letter that he wrote all his words with was M. If anyone thinks that growing up makes people less competitive during games–they know nothing.

I am a big competitor when it comes to word games!



On the way home me and FRIEND-M stopped at a state park. He was entranced by the rocks. Which is pretty typical of FRIEND-M. It was full of shale and I got some pretty cool pictures (well I think they are pretty cool)


FRIEND-M: Look at this really cool formation.

ME: yeah….neat *not that impressed, mostly just amused by his interest*


FRIEND-M: I am sorry I forget that you don’t get into the same thing as me.

ME: Look at this sweet looking rock…I like rocks…you and me just think about them differently…like you would say: Look at this cool geological formation and I would say look at this neat Jesus Creation!

FRIEND-M: *1 minute later trying to get my attention to look again* Hey look at this Jesus Rock.

🙂 ah. friends.


Well I almost forgot after I got home from the great day looking at rocks that tonight was the last WALKING DEAD EPISODE until next year!!! EEK! …yeah that’s right…I have got a thing for survivalist though…not zombies. During the show I text another friend of mine back and forth and that is always interesting conversation.

ME: uh r u ready?

FRIEND-K: OH yeah!

*conversation that doesn’t matter*



*more things that probably wouldn’t be entertaining to you*

FRIEND-K: Why is it there can only be 1 black guy in this show?

ME: 1 black person and michonne ain’t one…TO DIE

FRIEND-K: yea…they added at the beginning of the season so now they are killing one…

ME: you know that’s right

FRIEND-K: Everyone knows that is right…

*a bad truth…but we found it…side note…I heard and saw that the COMIC is way more diverse. I’d be interested to know why they change it*

FRIEND-K: HOLY @#$%% (yeah I am censoring)

ME: *20 years later Andrea talking to kids* and that’s how daddy lost his eye….

FRIEND-K: hahaha

ME: They should allow our commentary as subtitles during the episode.






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