Riendeer games and Caroling

The glass is half empty

Oh Christmas…how I loathe thee. Seriously, of all the holiday I truly try to repress Christmas is at the top. As I have said before I do not like Christmas Songs, Christmas decor (Santa) or the commercialism that seems to creep into our daily life–now even before Thanksgiving has ended. BAH-HUMBUG!

but indeed the glass is half full….

Never mind all that rant–I do love the real reason for the season (JESUS!) and the family and friends time that seems to always be made in quality and quantity. I also love the JOY that spread in simple gifts and quality time. In the past week I have attended two parties ,molded, baked and cut presents, and therefore shared much of this JOY thing I talk about.Thus:


On December 7th I attended an ugly sweater party with all the lovely friends I have made via-work through a camp. It was full of quality laughter and UGLY sweaters. Here are is a pic from that event from a reindeer game:

Friend-Ml wears antler panty-hose on her head... and a lovely sweater matched with golden pants

Friend-Ml wears antler panty-hose on her head… and a lovely sweater matched with golden pants

Yes, laughter full of tears ensued. This was indeed a fun game*:

Materials needed: 2 pairs of Panty-hose (preferably NEW–you can pick up cheep pairs at the dollar store for hey 1$, 4 tennis balls (don’t use heavy balls–someone could get hurt… ) (yes I just said that…) , 2 friends willing to humiliate themselves.

Directions/Rules: place hose on head as pictured above. Have both competitors face each other with hands behind back. The object is to try to swing your antlers at your opponents and rip them off. They may not use their hands but they can spin, spew infinite amounts of words, and jump.

Caution: please be careful to pause game if hose wraps around someones neck. It happens–and well people need to breathe.

*I don’t know who invented this game, I played it last year with a group of teachers.


Last night I went to my Garden Clubs annual Christmas Dinner. I say Garden club but really it is a group of ladies that gets together monthly to talk, craft, play games…and possibly garden. We do love the dirt in our nails but we prefer to laugh and socialize a bit more I think.

I am the youngest member of the group, at 29 years, most of the members are mothers from my high school friends, teachers that taught me in middle school, and retired. My mother is among the group of ladies and the sole reason I was invited to join in their wonderful group. Although it might sound “matronizing” I love them all to bits. While they are not my direct peers, they are women I aspire to be like, love to be around, and have amazingly beautiful qualities. We had an ornament exchange here are some of my finished ornaments:

ooohhh looks good.

ooohhh looks good.

One club member is a very special lady, LADY-A. She is an inspiration to me working having a sweet demur attitude and might possibly be the epitome of sweet herself.

Garden Club hadn’t planned to go caroling last night, but we did. Well we visited the home of a past member that is sick with terminal cancer. I had never met her…and some of the other members had not either. It was LADY-A’s idea. We all went…we all sang… (awfully and without practice) –some of us our voices shaky because of the actual reason we had decided to go. We all were treated to wonderful memories past and present. She (the women with cancer) told us she has received over 300 cards already and was truly touched by our visit. When we returned to the house for our meeting LADY-A read us a Christmas letter from the family.

The most touching thing (surmised) “ Even though we’ve had to deal with such hardship I have had time to do many wonderful things…one of which is clean out my attic/basement… I found my old yearbook and saw what I had written for my life goal ‘to marry a millionaire’ I realized that God had given me that gift a million times over as my wife has certainly made me rich in love.” –husband of the women we visited. 

of course… as it was being read to us we all assumed it was her writing and when we found that it was her husband most of us blubbered like silly fish.

until next time.






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