well well well….

……said the three holes in the ground.


I love seeing my family. My cousin just found out she is pregnant again. She doesn’t even want another kid. She doesn’t want it. Why doesn’t she? She has three beautiful girls. Why it is not fair. Where the hell are you?

My GPA told me not to get married that I have to “forget who I am.” My AUNT-M told me not to get married that “It reminded me of a Jail. That is why I joined a convent–I felt free-er that way.” My other Cousin is getting a divorce only after less than a year. My brother will be married in August. My mother tells me I should stay single to. However, everyone bothers me for children. Even people who I do not even know–holding their kids taunting me. Holding hands taunting me.

The thing is that’s why I didn’t get married in the first place. I knew it wasn’t right. BUT GOSH darn it I know you are out there and I know that you want to find me. DO you want to find me? It might help if you want any children.

yeah. so. get on it. dude.

Your future wife.


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