An email from a proud deadbeat dad

Sorry, I haven’t been keeping up with this blog. I have been reading around though. This man in-particular is a great read. The Matt Walsh Blog ” You claim you “like women” too much to “settle” for just one? That’s a lie. You don’t like women, nor do you desire women, nor are you attracted to women. You want an instrument; a mechanism for your pleasure and gratification. This is not the same thing as wanting a woman. A woman is a total being, and if you do not want the total being, then you do not want a woman. ” Here he responds to a letter he received from a man about liking woman so much they will not “tie him down….with children.”

The Matt Walsh Blog


“Matt, I like some of the things you’ve written but your constant woman worship is nauseating. Again I hear you talk about how men should “protect and serve” their wives. F*ck that. You are everything that’s wrong with men in this country. I’ve had two women try to trap me with a baby. I told them to get an abortion (I offered to PAY for it) and they didn’t. That’s their choice. Am I going to ruin my whole life by letting them hold be hostage and forcing me to “serve” them? F*ck that. Those kids aren’t my business. I’m contributing to society in other ways. Monogamy might work for you because you’re a whipped assh*le but it doesn’t work for those of us who are actually trying to be happy in life. I like women so why would I resign myself to just one? No I’m not kidding or…

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