To-Do Before Death

To-Do Before Death (working) List:

1.  Go West (like Colorado/Utah/Arizona)

2. Finish School (currently I am in grad school)

3. Climb a real rock

4. get first teaching job

5. Swim in the ocean again.

6. Drink a full beer I LIKE

7. have my own garden

8. play a song on the guitar (working on it– I can play…”he’s got the hole world in his hands, row your boat, and the chords for Leaving on a Jet Plane..)

9. witness a sea turtle hatching

10. visit Harry Potter World

11. Backpack for more than a week.

12. publish SOMETHING

13. move out of the state

14. visit another country (Canada does not count)

15. process my OWN meat

16. Swim, boat, or paddle in a lake with 25ft visibility


18. Be a foster parent

19. go on a long-distance bike trip

20. learn sign language

21. cook something that is completely homemade …from the garden, from scratch, to the table, COMPLETELY

22. Be in another play –that people pay to go see.

23. finish organizing my photographs -the old kind)

24. complete 5 push-ups without agony

25. get married. party outside. (pray for a miracle people.)

26.  go hunting (deer)

27. visit ROME. st. Peters Basilica



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